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OPERATION: SOLID LIVES (OSL) is a highly effective, proven system of discipleship that has been written, tested and refined—time and again for over 20 years—to maximize its ability to impact individuals and accommodate masses of believers who are genuinely hungry for God’s word.




OSL is a combination of specific disciplines that create a clear path to dramatic life change. For a mere few weeks, you will eliminate or limit many of the harmful and unnecessary habits and influences in your life, and replace them with activites that will fill you with God's word and bring you closer to Him.


Being filled with the Word of God


In OSL you will fill your heart with God's word in a variety of ways. You will begin to read a chapter of the Bible daily. You'll listen to powerful teachings, learning about the incredible depths of Jesus' love for you, and the freeing truth that you are right with God through Jesus. You'll also memorize 1-2 scriptures each week that correspond to the message you are hearing.


Limiting other distractions and influences


OSL will help you to turn down the noise of the world as you fill your heart with the Word of God. During OSL class you will limit your intake of secular media. This includes TV, internet, books, magazines, video, etc...


Following the scriptural path to growth and freedom


You will learn HOW to abide through the weekly disciplines of reading , listening to, and memorizing the word of God. His truth will flood your heart , and as He promised it will bring freedom. Sin and bondage will begin to fall away, as they are replaced with confidence, peace, and joy.

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